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The Department of electrical and electronic, mechanical and electrical equipment, machinery manufacturing and computer technology four teaching and research section. Now set up computer application technology, mechanical and electrical integration technology (mold design and manufacturing direction), mechanical and electrical integration (mechanical and electrical equipment and automation direction) and other three professional (direction). 32 teachers, including associate professors / senior engineer 6, lecturer / engineer 10 people, with 6 master's degree teachers, formed a combination of old, middle and green, the title structure is reasonable, professional solid foundation, practical ability, efficient Capable teachers.
The Department of the hospital non-computer professional students to take the computer and the Department of the professional courses of the teaching work; bear the computer information high-tech training and examination tasks.
Rhithersyxoxerxt composition composition search conditions Results There is a computer basic training room, multimedia technology training room, website construction and maintenance training room, software technology training room, computer assembly and maintenance technology training room, electrical and electronic training room, CAD / CAM training room Decision Rh of serving sw ...... Refers to
Over the years I have continued to strengthen the links between enterprises, the establishment of a number of long-term stability of the practice base outside the camp. (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., SONY DIGITAL Sony Digital Products Co., Ltd. and other units have established a good relationship of running a school. We have established a good cooperative relationship with China Aviation Industry Hongdu Group, ZTE Corporation, Singapore Sibi Tai Electronics Co., Ltd.,
This department actively promotes the reform of teaching and teaching, innovates the talent training mode, and constructs the theory of "cognitive practice - course training - post practice - forensic training - post internship and graduation design (thesis)" Practice teaching mutual penetration, mutual convergence of the "teaching, learning, do" Trinity teaching model, graduates have always been basic skills, practical ability, excellent professional skills and widely welcomed by the employing units, graduate employment rate has been maintained at 96 %the above.
Under the correct leadership of the college, I adhere to the "student-centered, skills teaching as the core, employment-oriented" school philosophy, adhering to the "unity, rigorous, diligent, hard work" school spirit, innovative talent training mode, Strengthen the professional construction, pay attention to the overall quality of students and professional skills training, and strive for the community to train more high-quality skilled personnel.