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The Department of management, accounting, logistics, international trade and marketing and other five teaching and research section, the Department set up logistics management, international business, international economy and trade, accounting computerization, marketing, customs and international freight six professional , Which logistics management, international economy and trade, marketing for the hospital-level key construction professional.
The Department of the existing part-time teachers 35 teachers, teachers with more than 14 titles, with a master's degree in 9 people, with senior business planners, logistics division, accountants, e-commerce division, marketing division, economist Double teacher ratio is 50%, documentary, e-commerce teacher evaluation, marketing division examiners, business planner examiners, etc. a total of 5 people.
The Department of teaching facilities, with e-commerce laboratory, the international freight forwarding simulation training room, financial accounting simulation training room, accounting computerized training room, ERP sand table laboratory, logistics equipment laboratory, international business negotiation room, students Internship supermarkets, the workplace comprehensive skills simulation training room, and with many enterprises to establish a number of off-campus practice base, to meet the needs of training high-quality skilled personnel.
    Do a good job of professional construction is the work of the top priority in the development of personnel training program focus on emphasizing the wide range of professional knowledge to enhance the development potential of students; attention to narrow caliber of professional skills to enhance students' employment competitiveness The Deepen the teaching reform, strengthen the cultivation of students' practical ability, such as in the direction of international business customs, in addition to requiring students to have the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills of international trade, focusing on training students in the immigration clearance technology and skills in marketing In the set of the marketing, consumer psychology, market research and forecasting, marketing strategies, advertising and other practical courses; At present, the Department has six courses have been classified as excellent courses, the Department of graduates employment rate of three consecutive Year to reach more than 98%, ranked first in the hospital.