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Gardening Art

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The Department of horticulture, garden engineering, environmental art design three teaching and research section, set up horticultural technology, garden technology, garden engineering technology, environmental art design and other professional, including garden engineering and technical expertise for the provincial characteristics of professional, horticultural technology for the hospital Teaching reform pilot professional.
The Department of the existing part-time teachers 30 people, including 2 professors, 8 associate professors, senior agronomist \ senior engineer 7, lecturer (agronomist, engineer) 10 people, help speak 3, the teacher has a master's degree 8 , Formed a full of vitality and vitality of the teachers. After graduation, most of the students engaged in horticulture, garden engineering, landscape design, environmental art design and other related professional management and technical work, the current employment rate of 98% or more.
The Department has advanced laboratory equipment and modern gardening facilities for teachers and students experimental operation, skills training, comprehensive practice and teaching practice. The existing plant growth and development, tissue culture, plant protection, drawing room, art room, garden planning and design center and other professional training room. The school practice base has garden plant cultivation teaching workshop, and Shangri-La garden company, has a large number of flowers, fruit trees germplasm resources, a total of more than 30 million seedlings, of which nearly 100 kinds of rare species. The practice base is New Zealand Jiefukaer International Co., Ltd., New Zealand Seeka kiwi Industrial Co., Ltd., Fujian Quanmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Lushan Botanical Garden, Jiangxi Huisen Garden Co., Ltd., Nanchang Huafu Green Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Green Garden Environmental Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and other 22 units for the students internship and employment provides a good condition.
The Department of teaching, research and production combined, in the years of teaching practice, always to cultivate "understand the theory, will operate, can work hard" high-quality skills as the goal, so that students become both a solid foundation theory, Rich professional knowledge, but also practical ability, application ability and professional ability of modern garden garden high-quality technical professionals.