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Foreign Language & Trade

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The Department of Public English, Business English under the two teaching and research section. Mainly responsible for business English and the hospital public English teaching work. Business English is a professional college specialty, but also focus on the construction of professional college.
The system is equipped with four voice lab, advanced equipment for the students and other students to learn to provide a good teaching conditions.
The Department of existing part-time teachers 15 people, with more than six titles, accounting for 40% of the total number of teachers, intermediate grade 5, accounting for 33.3% of the total number of teachers, with a master's degree 4, accounting for 26.7% , Perennial hire 3-4 foreign experts.
In the process of English teaching, we are teaching students with student-oriented, quality-oriented education, implementing individual teaching, highlighting professional characteristics, extensive use of multimedia teaching, teachers and students interactive teaching, with particular emphasis on language application skills and professional skills training, teaching achievement is remarkable, 08,09 students to participate in the province's English application ability A, B grade and the national English proficiency test, the average pass rate of 88.2% and 79.5%, respectively, 08 business English major students in the four pass rate of 85.3% Similar institutions in the province at the forefront.